YogaBrain Reconnects Your Mind, Body & Soul

The YogaBrain app paired with your FocusBand Brain-Sensing Headset uses real-time neurofeedback to increase mind, body, and soul awareness while doing Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation). learn more

FocusBand is the first in the world, motion-based, brain-training system. This innovative wearable monitors and records the ability to achieve and stay in Mushin throughout your entire practice. Both YogaBrain and FocusBand are compatible with any Apple mobile device. Android version is coming soon. learn more

How Does the FocusBand / YogaBrain System Work?

FocusBand’s three silver oxide neurosensors, woven directly into the soft Bioprene headset, use EEG (electroencephalography) to pick up the frequencies your brain emits as you move through Surya Namaskar to determine the depth and duration of the Mushin Flow State.

FocusBand transmits your EEG data to the YogaBrain app in real time to produce audio visual feedback, making it easy to know when you achieve Mushin.

The audio feedback is soothing music. For visual feedback, the avatar’s brain mirrors what’s going on in your own mind. The display shows which part of the brain is active, shifting between the left (red) and right (green) hemispheres.  learn more

YogaBrain How it works

Using YogaBrain – 7 Easy Steps

  1. YogaBrain’s guided audio visual instruction sets the pace through the Mushin Experience Drills and the movements of Surya Namaskar.
  2. As you perform each position of Surya Namaskar, real-time neurofeedback triggers audio visual notifications when the brain is in the Mushin Flow State.
  3. YogaBrain’s progress bar scores and then records your state of mind during each position of Surya Namaskar throughout every round of the entire session.
  4. At the end of the session, YogaBrain automatically organizes the recorded data into an easy-to-read, color-coded session report.
  5. The session report reveals when, during Surya Namaskar, you achieved Mushin or when mental blockages interfered.
  6. Knowing when the blockages occurred creates an awareness that makes it easier to train your brain to eliminate them in future sessions.
  7. Once you gain control of the ability to get into and out of Mushin, you become a master of your own awareness and can begin to experience all the benefits yoga has to offer.


Mushin Experience Drills

YogaBrain automatically guides you through several Mushin Experience Drills, about 10 seconds each, before beginning the Surya Namaskar session. Completing these short and simple mental exercises helps beginners slip into Mushin for the first time and trains experts to reach deeper states of mindfulness faster and for longer durations.  learn more

YogaBrain’s Mushin Experience Drills include:

  • Mushin Single Point
  • Mushin Flow
  • Mushin Feet
  • Mushin Center
  • Mushin Whole Body

Some practitioners go through the Mushin Experience Drills twice as a method of minimizing mental blockages during their Surya Namaskar session.

YogaBrain Let’s You Set the Pace

Personalize the pace for Surya Namaskar by adjusting the settings on the YogaBrain app.

Beginners typically start at a slower pace and incrementally increase the speed as their fitness and Surya Namaskar skills improve. Experienced practitioners can easily find their groove, depending on their mood and goals.

What Is Mushin?

Mushin is a Japanese word meaning “the mind without mind” or “an empty mind.” Oddly enough, practitioners in the West refer to Mushin as being “mindful.”

A quiet mind is the prerequisite to cultivating this incredible state of mind body awareness. Once achieved, brain activity moves from the left brain (red) to the right (green).  If thinking re-emerges and fills your mind with mental chatter, such as judgment and planning, brain activity returns to the left hemisphere (red).

The new FocusBand YogaBrain system will train you to do Surya Namaskar while maintaining the ideal brain performance state and become the master of your own awareness.

To get the most out of your yoga practice, order your FocusBand now.

The app is available for Download on the app store!


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