YogaBrain Sneek Peak

Welcome to the YogaBrain Blog.

We are in the final phase of releasing the YogaBrain App.

The World’s first Integrated Yoga and Motion Bassed Brain Training System


Here is a sneak peak at how the YogaBrain platform works.

1. Guided Audio and Pictures

2. Audio and Visual Neurofeedback (music and green brain avatar when in flow state)

3. Progress bar to indicate when in flow or not (green is flow through to red not in flow)

4. Activity Counter – counts the rounds, sets and reps

5. Session report at the end to show you how you went throughout your yoga practice


The Demo video below:

Mushin Flow State (Green) 

when it goes green (Avatar and the 13 positions in the progress bar) and the music is playing.

Not in Flow State  (Yellow/Orange/ Red)

If it goes yellow > orange > red and the music turns off the user knows they are not in flow.

There is too much activity in the left brain (pre frontal cortex) they are over thinking



for more information email us at

We can’t wait for everyone to experience it!!

From The YogaBrain Team